The team



Founder and CEO, Andrew, is an internationally acclaimed designer of films like The Piano, The Beach and An Education, (see more on

Rockflower is a natural extension of his skill base as a designer. Form, Function and Sustainability are Andrew’s driving principles, and he is responsible for the branding and design of the Rockflower Auto Retail Units along with designing the fresh weekly bouquets.


Karen is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully created and driven 3 start-ups from £0 to £1.000.000 businesses.

Karen is Rockflower’s Director of Finance/ Operations/ Marketing and HR.


Mark runs Rockflower’s IT- and hardware systems, while managing Rockflowers Clients.

“Disruptive / Innovative and Flexibie Efficiency” is Marks mantra.


Rockflower is an Auto Retail Solution for flower trading 24/7 all year round.


Rockflower also Manufactures the Auto Retail Units. Our Units are designed to be flexible and scalable in their function making them suitable for deployment in traditional and new exploratory retail spaces. No renewable leases, reduced staff costs and the security of cashless payments are all part of the many benefits that our units offer. We are visionary and luxurious. Rockflower is a market disruptor and tomorrow’s future in the ever changing Retail Market.

To see our models and learn about our business visit our website or get in touch with us at: